Women’s wear photography on ghost mannequin for eCommerce

Women’s wear photography

Designer designs new cloths every season, specially for women. We can photograph your women’s wear for as low as £5.99 each photo. Ghost mannequin style will be provided. Even though each final ghost mannequin style photos will cost you just 5.99; we actually take several photos of your product to create one.
At this price will provide edited and optimised photo for your eCommerce website or eBay and Amazon stores.

The ghost mannequin effect has many benefits for online sellers. It helps you save money and time by eliminating the need for hiring models or renting different sizes of mannequins. It also helps you create a consistent and professional look for your product images, which can boost your brand image and customer trust. And most importantly, it helps you highlight the features and details of your products, such as the shape, fit, texture, and stitching, which can increase conversions and sales.